Table of Contents

First Lines

  1. evor me shyoldurs
  2. I will be there for you but I am not yours
  3. I have your sweaters
  4. sore but not sorry
  5. the case is open    unzipped    the clippers and file
  6. some men are dog trainers
  7. What would you play for your Jonathan
  8. you ought to be court martialled
  9. eels
  10. transport
  11. to wrap
  12. ganglia and
  13. lustfilled scumbag
  14. satiated
  15. neither spiral nor gyre*
  16. chronological displacement
  17. More than anything else, I hold him
  18. what carries us to the site of melancholy
  19. from
  20. between sips and gulps
  21. -.
  22. the knife scrape
  23. these two are alchemists
  24. I do not want an apology, i said
  25. night flight
  26. if celebrations incorporate the consumption of remains
  27. ever have that argument
  28. dolphin
  29. cash crops starve the hungry
  30. to the one
  31. all the translations gone
  32. I am walking through the world I hold
  33. the risks I've taken
detour *no there from here nor here from there* detour

   Tracking the Remembrance of Touch ©1996 François Lachance