Introduction to Humanities Computing

TACTWeb Assignment

Choose a partner. Work through the online tutorial

Help on the query form.
Help on query syntax.

You can use the TACTWeb Query Form to answer the questions below. Your assignment should be handed in on paper and on disk as a WordPerfect or Word file. Make sure your disk is well-attached to the paper copy and make sure you keep a backup in your possession. Please ensure that your names and student numbers appear both in the electronci file and on the paper copy. You should also make sure your answers a re clearly labeled so that the markers know to which question they refer.


5% Question 1

Briefly comment on the following KWIC example.

wit (4)

BOTTOM/3.1     | for, indeed, who would set his wit to so foolish | a bird?
BOTTOM/3.1     Not so, neither: but if I had wit enough to get out | of
BOTTOM/4.1     I have had a dream, past the wit of man to | say what dream
FLUTE/4.2      No, he hath simply the best wit of any handicraft | man in

5% Question 2

What is the difference between a Distribution Graph and Variable Context Display? Keep your answer short.

10% Question 3

What would you search for if you wanted to find all the following words in one search

hate, hated, hateful, hates, hateth, love, loved, love-in-idleness, love-juice, lovely, lover, lovers, lover's, lovers', loves, love's, love-shaft, lovest, love-tokens, true-love

Note. The answer should be the string that you would type in the "Your Query:" field in the TACT-Web Query Form. You should not have to key-in every single one of these words!

How many occurrences are there of each of the words in list above? List the words and the number of occurrences. How does TACT deal with hyphenation?

10% Question 4

How would you get a word list of all the phrases that occur directly before words related to "hair"? What would you search for? Generate the search.

10% Question 5

Document an exchange with your partner regarding the reference template for the TACTWeb version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Discuss various ways of citing the text (pages/lines acts/scenes character etc.). Which would you use when? The TACTWeb reference template allows you to refer to passages in the play by the following elements (or any combination thereof):

10% Question 6

Explain this search string

		true, .*love ; when speaker = oberon

Comment on the types of display you would use with this search string.

50% Question 7

In 5 to 7 pages (250 words per page) document the steps of your joint and reiterative reading of A Midsummers Night Dream. Show how the dialogue between the readers generates questions about what terms to use in the next search step; whic h reference template and display mode are best suited to the next step; which comparisons to draw. How do you keep track of reading paths not yet taken? The point of the essay is to demonstrate an awareness of process. You are not expected to arg ue for a specific analysis of the play. You are expected to explore text-analysis and the generation of questions about texts.

Begin with the string "man".

Due Date

Due date May 26. Please hand it in at the office TSH 205. Remember to attach your disk securely, to back up your files, and clearly indicate your names and section.