Description: Introduction to Online Learning

Pedagogy involves thinking about situations. You are invited in this course to begin to think about pedagogical situations in terms of who, what and when. Together will will consider how computer-mediated communication and digital technologies inflect these fundamental te rms.

The core of the course consists of a high-level presentation of the principles of Instructional Systems Design, a quick overview general categories of the varieties of learning, and a critical examination of buzz words. The format depends upon much di scussion, exploration and doing. The doing is less instruction in specific software how-to than exercise powers of observation and reporting skills.

Choose a phrase ("literal string") from the passage above and conduct a WWW search. Note the number of matches.

Conduct a search using the words of the chosen phrase. Change the order of the words. Conduct a new search.

Comment on the difference between literal string searches and word list searches. In what order would you teach them? Why?