One Hundred Frogs
Hiroaki Sato
Illustrated by J.C. Brown

This little collection is delightful to the hand and the eye. It is accompanied by lovely ink drawings that page after page flicker as frog and dragonfly are about to collide and insect-like buzz of page after page flying by gives way to the finale of the stiffer stock of the cover parting from the thumb. Very apt for a collection of variations, translations and adaptations, of Basho's famous haiku inviting readers to contemplate the plunging of a frog into a pond

I like to think that one can almost hear an action caught between a verb and an a noun in Allen Ginsberg's rendition:

The old pond
A frog jumped in,

My eye almost always creates a "frog jump in" echoing sit-ins and love-ins. The poem spawns an A

Edward Bond gives us a pile of nouns come adjectives that resonnate on a nasal:

Silent old pool
Frog jumps

And so we are inspired:

pond, old old pond
frog leaping in
in sound ripple

rippling sounds
from frog splash
a pond wrinkle

pond, old old pond
frog leaping in
in ripple sound

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