Æ skjødstrupper - simplified version

Country: Denmark
Formation: any number of persons in a closed circle
Steps: sideways gallop, walk, stamp
Music: 358:526; notes on page 5 in: <http://www.folkedans.dk/Admin/Public/DWSDownload.aspx?File=files%2ffiler%2fdownload%2f3x1_time.pdf>;
mp3 file; CD Swing egen cd 1 track 3 [the dance is played through 7 times plus the A-section]

:1-8: (a) Big circle: 16 sideways gallop steps CW, repeat CCW.
 9-12 (b) Advance and retire: 4 slow walking steps toward centre of circle, ditto backwards to reform original circle.
13 (c) Each time the dance is repeated, part (c) is played one additional time, and each time all movements are repeated, plus one new movement:
(c) played 1 time: 1 stamp with L foot
(c) played 2 times: + 1 stamp with R foot
(c) played 3 times: + down on L knee
(c) played 4 times: + down on R knee
(c) played 5 times: + L elbow to floor
(c) played 6 times: + R elbow to floor
(c) played 7 times: + touch forehead to the floor
:1-8:   The dance finishes with part (a).

Source: Larsen, Tove 3x1 times danseprogram til brug I skolen - et begyndermateriale s.l.:s.n., n.d. <http://www.folkedans.dk/Admin/Public/DWSDownload.aspx?File=files%2ffiler%2fdownload%2f3x1_time.pdf >
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-06-11

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