Baglæns kontrasejre, Salling (Madsen version)

Country: Denmark
Formation: 4 couple quadrille. Head couples (couples 1 and 2) respectively have their backs to or face the music. Couple 3 stands on the side to the right of couple 1, and couple 4 faces couple 3. [Couple numbering changed from original to conform to standard Danish numbering.]
Steps: running
Music: 358:513, <>; (LP) Mikkelsen, Verner Village folk dances (Folk Fun 95861 V.M.) track 12 [Note: B-section must be played 4 times]

    Dance progression
|:1-8:| 1 (a) Ring formation [closed circle], 16 running steps CW and CCW.
9-16 (b) Couples 3 and 4 run in ring formation CW with 16 steps, returning to position and forming archies with inside hands joined and raised.
9-16   Couples 1 and 2 run under the arch on the left, separate, and turn outward, the man returning to his own place, where he turns the opposite woman once around in ring grasp.
|:9-16:|   Repeat (b), couples 1 and 2 circling and forming the arch, couples 3 and 4 running under the arches.
17-24 (c) M1 and M2 place R arm about the waist of the new partner and run forward 4 steps, backward 4 steps, forward 1 step with a stamp, throwing the contrary woman back to her partner, and catching his own, turning her once around in dance position.
17-24   Couples 3 and 4 repeat (c).
|:25-32:| (d) Grand chain once around.
    Part (a) is danced CW and CCW in all figures.
    Parts (b), (c), and (d) are the same in all sequences.
|:1-8:|   (a) [Handwritten note by Frank Grose(?):
In here John inserts join hands with partner (ring grasp) and run CCW [sic] 16 steps and CW [sic] 16 steps]
|:1-8:| 2 (a) Women's single mill [star].
|:1-8:| 3 (a) Men's single mill [star].
|:1-8:| 4 (a) Women's double mill [two-hand star].
|:1-8:| 5 (a) Men's double mill [two-hand star].
|:1-8:| 6 (a) Women's circle with waist grasp [back basket].
|:1-8:| 7 (a) Men's circle with waist grasp [back basket].
|:1-8:| 8 (a) Ring formation [closed circle].
    Finish the dance by turning CW and CCW in dance position.

Source: Bryans, Helen L. and John Madsen Scandinavian dances. Book I. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd., 1942. p. 20
Html: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-02-13, rev. 2017-07-24

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