Bitte mand i knibe

Country: Randersegnen, Denmark
Type: set dance
Formation: two couple sets
Steps: run, tyrolertrin, waltz
Music: 358:5, <> and <>

    Dance progression
1-8 (a) M take L-elbow hold, with R arm around partner's waist; W have L hand on M's L shoulder. 24 running steps circling CCW on the spot. The faster the women are swung around, the more they need to lean back.
1-8   Still turning on the spot, M release elbow hold and take L hands to form an arch, as they move their partner forwards. W pas under the arch, while taking MR/WL hand hold with partner in passing. W turn CCW and take R-hand hold with opposite W over the men's joined L hands. All continue running steps throughout this sequence. 24 running steps.
|:9-16:| (b) Tyrolerwaltz.
    Repeat as desired.
Couples often dance with a different couple at each repeat of the dance.

Translator's notes:
1: In the first part of section (a), in many groups it is common for the men to turn so quickly that the women actually are swung off their feet. In this case the hold should be modified as follows. M have R arm securely around partner's waist, and L arm linked through opposite M's L arm, up across his back, and holding opposite W's L hand securely. W grasp partner's R hand with own R hand at R side of waist (this helps keep her shoulders straight so she doesn't roll forward), and L arm over partner's shoulder, grasping opposite M's L hand. W need to be up on M's shoulder, not hanging partway down his upper arm.
2: Another alternative to the first 8 bars of section (a), is to have M link L arms, as above, with R arm around partner's waist, but grasp partner's R hand in own L hand in front. 12 running steps turning CCW on the spot, followed by 12 running steps turning CW (backwards) on the spot. This variation is documented on the Projekt dialekt DVD (GO0610).

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Hæfte I. 7th ed. København: Foreningen til Folkdansens Fremme, 1976, p. 10.

Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-02-02.

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