Bøhmerdans, Vendsyssel

Country: Vendsyssel, Denmark
Type: progressive longways set
Formation: longways set. couples in two lines. Men to the R and women to the L as seen from the top (music end) of the set, facing partner. Numbered couple 1, couple 2, couple 3, etc. from top of set.
Steps: buzz, side gallop steps, walk
Music: 358:168, < http://spillefolk.dk/nodesamling/pdf/kr-bzzm Jellingerdans.pdf>, (CDS) Ramsø Spillemandslaug Så rykker det (RSL CD07) track 3, Sving egen vol. II (2004 ed.) track 19 Ramsø Spillemandslaug Så rykker det track 3, Sving egen vol. II (2004 ed.) track 19, ZAR Tusind tanker (TM5133872) track 3; (LP) Spillemandslauget TRAMP (SLPS 1279), track A3.

1-4 (a) Couple 1 takes 2-hand hold and dances down the set, between the rows, 8 side gallop steps.
1-4   Couple 1 returns to the top of the set with 8 side gallop steps.
:5-8: (b) Couples 1 and 2 chain: M1 takes W1 R hand in R hand and the couple turns 1/2 way round CW, after which M1 gives his L hand to W2, R hand to W1, For couple 2, it is a normal R-hand chain, 1-3/4 round the set of 4 people, so that at the end of the chain, couples 1 and 2 have changed places [couple 1 has progressed]. At the end of the chain, couple 2 turns half-way round to return to own side. 16 walking steps.
9-12 (c) Couples 1 and 2 face and clap: own hands (9), R hands (&), own hands (10), L hands (&), own hands (11), both partner's hands (&), 3 claps in own hands (12).
9-12   Couples 1 and 2 take waltz hold with partner and turn on the spot, 8 buzz steps. Finish on own side, in original rows, with couple 1 now below couple 2.
When the music starts over, couple 1 dances with couple 3. The third time, couple 1 dances with couple 4, and couple 2 with couple 3, etc.
Alternatively, couples 1, 3, 5, etc., can all start simultaneously.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Vendsyssel og Læsø. 2nd ed. København:Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF), 1982, pp. 9-10
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2015-10-20, rev. 2018-05-18

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