Damernes fornøjelse, Hindsholm

Country: Hindsholm, Fyn, Denmark
Type: couple dance
Formation: couples ("as many as will") in open circle. Side-cross hold position (aka promenade position, skater's position)
Steps: chassé, polka
Music: 358:92, < http://spillefolk.dk/nodesamling/pdf/tu-damerneshi.pdf>, LP: Gammeldavs aften med Råbergs spillemandskvartet (EMI Odeon BOK 2)

:1-8: (a) M facing in LOD, W facing RLOD, dance in LOD (M forwards, W backwards), while "playing with golden apples": bring joined R hands up to shoulder height drop R hand hold with a flick of the wrist, and circle R hands down to rejoin under L hands (bar 1). Repeat with L hands (bar 2), etc. alternating hands. 16 chassé steps.
:9-16: (b) Take waltz hold and, beginning with ML/WR foot, dance 1 polka step turning CW, followed by a mazurka hop, hopping on ML/WR foot. Repeat with opposite footwork. Continue with this step for a total of 8 polka+mazurka steps.
:17-24: (c) Still with waltz hold, 16 polka steps in LOD.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Fyn og Øerne. 4th ed. 1978, pp. 20-21.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-15

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