Dronningens livstykke, Thy

Country: Thy, Denmark
Type: set dance
Formation: sets of 2 couples, facing
Steps: buzz, step-hop
Music: 358:188, <http://spillefolk.dk/nodesamling/pdf/tu-dronningenslivstykke.pdf>

|:1-8:| 1 (a) The two couples form closed circle, and circle CW, 16 step-hops.
9-16 (b) Both M cross over to opposite side, passing L shoulders (ie to R of each other), cross back to original place, and finally into centre of the set, 8 step-hops.
17-20   Both M, turned to face each other, stamp 3 times (L R L), and clap own hands 3 times,
21-24   take closed waist-shoulder hold with partner, and turn on the spot, 4 buzz steps.
9-24   Both W cross, stamp and clap as above, but passing R shoulders (ie to L of each other).
    Part (b) is the same in all sequences.
|:1-8:| 2 (a) The two couples form R-hand star and circle CW. 16 step-hops.
|:1-8:| 3 (a) The two couples form two-hand star (front basket) and circle CW. 16 step-hops.
|:1-8:|   The dance finishes with both couples forming closed circle, circling CW, 16 step-hops, but can also be done with sequences as in totur fra Thy.

Note: this is the conclusion of a sequence of dances that [in Thy, traditionally,] were always danced one after the other. The sequence consists of: totur, tretur, firetur, halvfemtetur, femtur, tolvtur, and Dronningens livstykke.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Mors og Thy. 4th ed. København: Foreningen til Folkdansens Fremme, 1985, p. 48.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2015-08-15

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