Familie vals og hopsa (John Madsen's version)

Country: Denmark
Type: mixer
Formation: Closed circle of couples; M on W's left.
Steps: hopsa, tyrolerhopsa, tyrolervals, waltz
Music: (LP) Mikkelsen, Verner Village folk dances (Folk Fun 95861 V.M.) track 6

1-4 (a) Turning away from partners first, everyone dances 4 Tyrola [sic] waltz steps.
5-8   Each M takes the W on his left in dance position [waltz hold] and turns her CW with 4 waltz steps and finishes with her on his R side. In this way the women progress CCW.
9-16   Repeat measures 1-8.
1-16 (b) This is similar to the figure of the waltz but the hopsa step is substituted for the waltz step.
    The waltz is repeated a number of times and then followed by the hopsa in quick temp.

Source: Bryans, Helen L. and John Madsen Scandinavian dances. Book II. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd., 1942. p. 1.
Html: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2017-07-18

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