Firtur, Oksbøl

Country: Oksbøl, Sydvestjylland, Denmark
Type: 2 couple set
Formation: sets of 2 couples, facing each other. W on partner's R side.
Steps: buzz, chassé, polka, walk
Music: 358:365,52; <>

1-8 1 (a) Couples form closed circle, and circle CW, 16 walking steps.
9-10 (b) W cross over to opposite woman's place, beginning with R foot, passing to the R, with 1 chassé , 1 walking step while turning to the L on L foot, and closing R foot to L. Ie RLR L R. Finish facing each other.
11-12   All stand still.
13-14   W again change places as above, and finish in original place.
15-16   All stand still.
1-8 (c) Elbow chain with opposite: all clap hands on beat (1), take R elbow hook position with opposite, and walk once round CW with 4 walking steps. Then take L elbow hook with partner and walk once round CCW, 4 walking steps. Repeat (without clap). In the partner changes, M pass back to back.
9-16 (d) Couples take waltz hold, and polka around each other CCW, 8 polka steps.
1-8 2 (a) Form back basket and circle CW, 16 buzz steps.
    Parts (b), (c) and (d) are the same in all sequences. Dance continues as sequence 2 as desired.
9-16   Dance finished with polka out in LOD, 8 polka steps.

Source: Nielsen, Bent Chr. et al Vesteregnens gamle danse. s.l.: Skern_Egvad Museumsforening, 1982. pp. 24-25.

Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-15

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