Hist på pælen

Country: Mandø, Denmark
Type: set dance
Formation: 3 couples in a longways set, couple 1 facing couples 2 and 3. All 3 couples have W standing on Ms R side.

        couple 1   O X
        couple 2   X O
        couple 3   X O       (where X=male, O=female)

Steps: chassé, polka
Music: 2/4-beat, ♩.=84, rising.

  Dance progression
|:1-4:|,5-12 Couple 1 crosses in front of couple 2, again between couples 2 and 3, and again behind couple 3. W always crosses in front of partner. 8 chassé steps. Couple 1 then takes waltz hold and dances up as couple 3.
Meanwhile, couples 2 and 3 take waltz hold and dance 8 polka steps turning CW and moving up towards couple 1's place. Once each couple reaches couple 1's place, they begin crossing as above, to finish as couple 3 again.
Note: when the dance starts, couple 2 waits 4 bars before beginning to dance up the set with 4 polka steps. This happens only the first time through.
  All 3 couples must keep an eye on the relative locations of each of the other couples, the dance can progress smoothly.
  After the leader calls "Last time", all couples dance out around the room wither with polka steps, or two polka steps followed by 4 pivot steps, repeat.

Source: Danske Folkedanseres Spillemandskreds Danse fra vestkysten: melodier og danse. s.l.: Spillemandskredsens Forlag, 2000. pp. 13-14.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-02-08

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