Jødetur i stor kreds, Mors

Country: Mors, Denmark
Type: mixer
Formation: couples ("as many as will") in circle
Steps: run, walk, waltz
Music: 358:183, < http://spillefolk.dk/nodesamling/pdf/kr-jzzdemor.pdf>, CD: Trunderup Spillemændene Dansk spillemandsmusik (CSCD4503.2) track 5.

:1-8: 1 (a) Couples form closed circle, and dance 8 walking steps CW, followed by 8 walking steps CCW.
:9-16: (b) W form closed inner circle, and dance CW followed by CCW. Simultaneously, M form closed outer circle, and dance CCW followed by CW. 24 + 24 running steps.
:17-24:   M swing arms over women's head to form double basket. All dance CW 48 running steps.
:25-32: (c) R-hand chain to 9th person, which now becomes one's partner, 16 slow walking steps.
    Parts (b), and (c) are the same in all sequences.
:1-8: 2 (a) All couples take waltz hold and dance turning waltz once around set, 16 waltz steps.
:1-8:   All subsequent sequences are the same as 2 (a).
:1-8:   The dance finishes with couples' turning waltz as 2 (a), 16 waltz steps.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Mors og Thy. 4th ed. 1983, p. 34.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-15

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