Country: Han Herred, Denmark
Type: couple dance
Formation: any number of couples in an open circle, facing LOD and holding inside hands (MR/WL)
Steps: chassé, hop, polka
Music: 358:39; sheet music <>; (LP) Mikkelsen, Verner Village dances (Folk Fun 95861 VM) track 1.

1-4   M, starting with L foot, dances forward in LOD with 4 chassé steps. Meanwhile, W, beginning with R foot, dances forward with 4 polka steps, while turning CW under Ms raised R arm.
5-6   Couple takes waltz hold, and dances once round CW with 2 polka steps.
7   M and W hop once on inside foot (MR/WL) while stretching the outside foot forward (7), then hop on outside foot (ML/WR) while stretching the inside foot out backward (&).
8   Still maintaining waltz hold, M and W, beginning with outside foot (ML/WR) dance 1 chassé step forward in LOD.
[To start on the correct foot, begin with a small cheat step to change weight to the inside foot, before the chassé step.]
    Repeat from the beginning as desired.
    Note that the same foot is used 3 times in a row, ie on the last beat of bar 7, the beginning of bar 8, and when the dance starts over.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/ Hefte III. 5:et opl. København; Foreningen til Folkdansens Fremme, 1983, p. 9.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2017-07-16.

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