Knurrifax (John Madsen's version)

Country: Denmark
Type: couple dance
Formation: any number of couples in an open circle, facing CCW, with inside hands joined.
Steps: two-step, polka, cut step (alternatively touch [toes of] left and right foot forward or sideward, changing the weight from one foot to the other with a slight leap)
Music: 358:39; sheet music <>; (LP) Mikkelsen, Verner Village dances (Folk Fun 95861 VM) track 1.

1-4   Beginning with outside foot, dance forward with 4 two-steps, W making 2 complete turns CCW under M's right arm.
5-8   Couple takes waltz hold, and continue progressing in LOD, turning CW with 2 polka steps (5-6) followed by 4 cut steps sideward in place (7-8).
    Repeat from the beginning as desired.

Source: Bryans, Helen L. and John Madsen Scandinavian dances. Book I. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd., 1942. p. 20
Revised description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2017-07-16, rev. 2018-04-25

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