Lang menuet, Væggerløse

  • Country: Denmark
  • Formation: couples facing couples, in two lines
  • Step: menuet: step R (1) close L (2) L (3) R (4) L (5) close R (6)
  • Music: 358:171

    1-4 (a) Without holding hands, lines move towards each other with 1 menuet step, and backwards to place with 1 menuet step
    5-8   Repeat
    1-8   Holding right hand of own partner, circle once round CW with 4 menuet steps, finishing in place
    9-12 (b) Half chain across with opposite couple, 2 menuet steps
    13-16   Half chain back to place, 2 menuet steps
    9-16   Opposite couples in closed circle dance CW once round with 4 menuet steps, swinging arms to the music.
        The dance repeats as desired. The last time bars 9-16 are played, all couples make a large circle and dance to the left with 4 menuet steps.

    Provenance: the dance was originally documented by Johannes Egedal in 1917, based on a description provided by Karen Suder, Fiskebæk by Marrebæk, and submitted by Rasmus Toxværd, Væggerløse.
    Note: this was one of the combined dances for Nordlek 2000.
    Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Lolland-Falster. 2nd. ed., 1996 p.80
    Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-10-03, rev. 2012-05-10

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