Longsomma Gjârted, Bornholm

  • Country: Denmark
  • Formation: couples in two lines reversed, ie M to the left, W to the right as seen from the front.
  • Step: hopsabalancé, hopsa, menuet: step R (1) close L (2) L (3) R (4) L (5) close R (6),
  • Note: Curtseys and bows are very deep. W curtsey straight down with back straight and head bowed.
  • Music: 358:578, <http://www.spillefolk.dk/nodesamling/pdf/kr-longsom.pdf>; CDs Trunderup Spillemændene Dansk spillemandsmusik 2 (CSCD 45062) track 5.

    1-2 (a) Men, 2 by 2, turn to each other and bow.
    3-4 Men turn to partner, and all bow/curtsey.
    5-6 Women, 2 by 2, turn to each other and curtsey.
    7-8 Women turn to partner, and all bow/curtsey.
    9-16 (b) Couples, 2 by 2, take R-hand star and dance CW. 4 menuet steps.
    9-16 All turn to the R, take L-hand star and dance CCW. 4 menuet steps. At end, return to place.
    17-24 (c) Men's row and women's row face each other. Dance 8 small hopsa balancés on the spot, all beginning to the left
    |:25-32:| (d) Couples, 2 by 2, chain (starting R hand to partner) 1-3/4 times around, with 16 small hopsa steps. On completion of the chain, the two couples should have changed places (progressed), ready to start from the beginning with the next couple.
        Repeat as desired from (a).
    Every second time through, one couple stands over at the top and at the bottom of the rows.

    See also YouTube video

    Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Bornholm. 2nd. ed., 1982 pp. 18-19
    See also: Sørensen, Per "Danse på Bornholm 4" Dansens og musikkens rødder 64, n.d. [in Danish].
    Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-12-12, rev. 2018-04-19

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