Mellem kagel og æ væg, Thy

Country: Denmark
Formation: progressive longways set. M stand to the R, W to the L, as seen from the top of the set. Often done as 3 couple sets. Numbered couples 1, 2, and 3 from the top of the set.
Steps: chassé, step hop, buzz
Music: 358:193, <>

1-8 (a) Couple 1 takes R-hand hold and dances CW, 8 step hops.
1-8 M1 dances behind M2 and in between M2 and M3, while W1 dances outside W2 and in between W2 and W3. Couple 1 takes L-hand hold and dances CCW on the spot. Total 8 step hops.
9-12 (b) M1 dances up between M2 and W2 with 1 chassé', takes their hands so they form a line of 3 facing front, and all do 3 stamps. Concurrently, W1 does the same with couple 3, facing away from the front.
13-16 M1 turns CW (over his R shoulder) and couple 2 turns towards M1, on the spot, and reforming the lines, now facing in the opposite direction. Simultaneously, W1 does the same with couple 3, so that the two lines dance somewhat towards each other. 3 chassées and 3 stamps.
9-12 M2, M1, and M3 take each other by the hand, with M1 in the centre, and dance out to the right side (seen from the front), while the W2, W1, and W3 do the same to the left. 1 chassé and 3 stamps.
13-16 M1 and W1, individually, as above turn CW on the spot, and the others turn towards M1 and W1 respectively, and the lines dance somewhat towards each other. 1 chassé and 3 stamps.
17-24 (c) The 3 men holding hands and the 3 women holding hands make a circle and dance CW 8 hopsteps. Return to place.
17-24 Couple 1, waltz hold, dances with buzz steps between couples 2 and 3.
    When couple 1 begins dancing with couple 5, couple 2 can begin dancing with couple 3. Alternatively, couples 1, 4, and 7 can all begin at he same time.

When couple 1 has reached the 3rd to the last spot, they dance during the last 17-24 bars down between the bottom couple to stand as the new bottom couple.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Mors og Thy. 4th ed. København: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme, 1985, pp. 60-61
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-10-27

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