Country of origin: Himmerland, Denmark
Type: set dance for 3 couples
Formation: 2 couples, one behind the other, facing a 3rd couple. Three steps distance between each couple. Seen from the front, 1st couple stands to the left, 2nd couple opposite 1st, and 3rd couple behind the 2nd. Open waist-shoulder hold. When turning, W moves forwards, M backwards.
Steps: running steps. Tempo is very slow to begin with, but speeds up to very fast running steps.
Music: 358:97, same music as Dronningens dans

    Dance progression
    All 3 couples beging running simultaneously.
Couple 1 begins by dropping waist-shoulder hold and crossing: W runs to the L in front of her partner, and M to the R behind his partner, passing outside couple 2, crossing again in front of couple 3, W to the R and M to the L, passing outside couple 3, taking waist-shoulder hold and turning to again face up the set in couple 3's original place.
Meanwhile couple 2 runs forward to couple 1's original place and turns to face down the set, and couple 3 runs forward to couple 2's original place.
Ie, now couple 2 is in couple 1's original place, couple 3 in 2's place, and couple 1 in 3's place.
Without pausing, couple 2 now crosses and passes outside couples 3 and 1 as above. Ditto couple 3.
Each couple, as it reaches couple 1's original place, crosses and passes outside the two couples approaching it, in turn, as above, until they reach couple 3's original place, and begin running forwards to couple 1's original place again.
The couples which are not crossing, may turn around CW as they run forwards up the set.

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Hæfte II. 6:e opl. København: Foreningen til Folkdansens Fremme, 1995, pp. 9-10.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2014-08-27.

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