Rigadon med 3 mandspersoner og 6 fruentimmer

Country: Denmark
Formation: 3 lines, numbered 1 through 3 from the front, each consisting of one M (in middle) and 2 W, one to his R (WR) and one to his L (WL). All 3 lines facing front, each line holding hands.
Steps: walk, balancé, modified östgöta step ((1) hop on both, (and) hop on R crossed in front)
Music: "La parisienne englois med 6 damer og 3 messieurs" in the Bast notebook, p. 15. [Jørgensen, Pia Brun/Brdr Basts violinbog (ISMN M-90011803-0-8, 2002?] Note that part (b) is played 3 times each time through.
Also known as: Nikongestykket

:1-8: 1 (a) All 3 lines 8 walking steps forward. Ditto backwards to place.
9-16 (b) M2 takes 2 walking steps to W3R, and the two do 3 balancés or other figuré. Take waist-shoulder or polska hold, and dance 4 modified östgöta steps CW on the spot.
Note: M2 starts with the person farthest from the front.
9-16 M2 repeats (b) with W1L.
9-16 (c) M2 with W3R and W1L do figure-8 (reel). At the same time M1 does same with W1R and W2R, and M3 with W2L and W3L. All start passing R shoulders, ie M2 to W1L, W2R to W1R, and W3L to W2L. 16 walking steps.
Note: start the figure-8 with the person you started the balancés with.
:1-8: 2 (a) Repeat 1 (a).
:9-16: (b) M2 repeats 1 (b) with W3L and W1R.
9-16  (c) Repeat 1 (c): M2 does figure-8 with W3L and W1R. W1L does figure-8 with M1 and W2L, and W3R does figure-8 with W2R and M3.
:1-8: 3 (a) Repeat 1 (a).
:9-16: (b) M2 repeats 1 (b) with W2L and W2R.
9-16  (c) Repeat 1 (c): M2 does figure-8 with W2L and W2R. M1 does figure-8 with W1L and W1R, and M3 does figure-8 with W3L and W3R.
:1-8: 4 (a) Repeat 1 (a).
:9-16: (b) M2 repeats 1 (b) with M3 and M1.
9-16  (c) Repeat 1 (c): M2 does figure-8 with M1 and M3. W2R does figure-8 with W1R and W3R, and W2L does figure-8 with W3L and W1L.
    The whole sequence is danced 3 times, with each male in turn dancing as M2.

Translator's note:
There are two ways to transition each male in turn to position M2:
Alternative 1: Bast's description instructs that the figure-8 in 4(c) continue "until another man comes into [M2]s place, and thus the sequences begin again until all 3 men have been in the middle." This of course means that all six women continue in the same places throughout.
Alternative 2: As 1(a) begins each time, rows 2 and 3 move forward, and row 1 moves backward to become row 3. In this alternative, the women also change their relative position in the set.

Source: "Nr 13 Rigadon" arranged by Kenneth Krak, 2006. photocopy
Translation and interpretation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-10-18, rev. 2011-10-27

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