Russeren, Thy

Country of origin: Thy, Denmark
Formation: couple dance
Step: Danish mazurka, pivot, polka
Music: <> and CD Danish Dia Delight/Live, 1996 (CEMCD 0496); Baltinget/Special (Balt CD 3) track 4

1-3 With open waist-shoulder or skewed waltz hold, 2 Danish mazurka steps forward in the LOD, beginning with outside foot (ML/WR).
4 With waltz or polska hold, dance 1 pivot step with outside foot (ML/WR), turning about 90 to 180 degrees CW, so that M is facing centre of circle.
5-6 Still with polska/waltz hold, 1 polka step in LOD, starting with inside foot (MR/WL).
7-8 Two pivot steps, making one complete turn CW.
Repeat as desired.

See YouTube videos by Tingluti and from the AFMH Julebal 2009

Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville 2012-01-31

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