Sløjfen, Vesteregnen

Country: Denmark
Formation: 4 couples in a L-hand star, M on the inside with R arm around partner's waist. W has L hand on M's R shoulder.
Steps: run, step-hop, hopsa

1-4 (a) Star moves CCW, one full rotation, 16 small running steps.
1-4 Without stopping, M and W switch places. M drop star hold, and helps partner move infront and into centre. Women take L- hand star. M place L arms around partner's waist, and W puts R hand on M's L shoulder. Continue running once round the circle CCW with 16 small running steps.
5-8 (b) w drop star hand hold, W turn 1/2 turn CW (to the R to face partner) give $ hand to own partner, and all chain to first meeting with own partner. M start with L and W with R foot. 8 step-hops.
5-8 (c) Couples with waltz hold. 8 hopsa steps CCW in the circle, to original place.

Thise dance was normally followed by Skift så.

Source: Nielsen, Bent Chr. m.fl. Vesterregnens gamle danse. s.l.: Skjern-Egvad Museumsforening, 1982 p.36
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-12-12

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