Den toppede høne, Vendsyssel

Country: Denmark
Formation: longways set. couples in two lines. Men to the R and women to the L as seen from the top of the set, facing partner.
Steps: run, walk, buzz
Type: progressive longways set
Music: 358:542, <>, CD: Jelling Spillemandslaug/Mellem højene, 1997, track 9.

:1-8: (a) Couple 1: M1 goes infront of M2, behind M3, infront of M4, behind and around M5, behind M4, infront of M3, behind M2, and finishes in place. Concurrently and on her own side, W1 dances mirror image in the women's line. 32 small running steps.
:9-16: (b) Couple 1: M1 and W1 pass each other on the L to opposite row, M1 going outside the women's row and W1 down the men's row, to between couples 3 and 4 (ie cross over and cast off 2). 12 walking steps.
M1 takes W1's R hand in own L, and they go up between the rows to place, where W1 crosses infront of M1 and around W2. M1 goes L around M2. (Ie up the set, cross, cast off 1) 12 walking steps.
Couple 1 meets between couples 2 and 3, take waltz hold, and swing 8 buzz steps CW on the spot.
17-24 (c) Couples 1 and 2 take 3 steps with a clap on each step, to form a R-hand star, and continue CCW with 13 walking steps. 16 walking steps in total.
17-24 All turn to the right, clap 3 times on 3 steps, and make a L-hand star, and go CCW. 16 walking steps. [Couple 1 finishes in couple 2's place, and couple 2 in couple 1's place.]
    [Couple 1 now repeats from (a), starting infront of couple 3. Once couple 2 begins, the third time, to dance with couple 4, couple 2 begins with couple 3.]
As couples progress towards the end of the set, imagine the missing couples in parts (a) and (b) and continue dancing the full complement of steps in each part.
[Normally, as the dance is done now, all odd numbered couples begin at the same time. Ie, odd numbered couples are progressing down the set, while even numbered couples are progressing up the set. As each couple reaches the top or bottom of the set, they transform from an odd couple to an even couple, or vice versa.]

Source: Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme (FFF)/Gamle danse fra Vendsyssel og Læsø. 2nd ed. 1982, pp. 14-15
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-10-17, rev. 2014-09-05

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