Trekant III, Ribe

Country: Jylland, Denmark
Formation: 3 couples in a closed circle. 'Ribe' hold: M holds both hands out to sides, palms up, clasps respective W's hands by the wrist. W holds hands out to sides with palms down, grasps M's little finger between thumb and forefinger, and wraps remaining fingers around outside of M's hand.
Type: set dance
Steps: step-hop, walk, waltz
Music: 6/8-time (bars 1-8), 3/4-time (bars 9-16)

    Dance progression
1-8 (a) All take 'Ribe' hold, and dance 16 step-hops to the L (CCW).
1-8 (b) All dance grand chain (M moving CCW, W moving CW) without taking hands, to meet partner, walk past partner, turning over L shoulder, and do brief curtsey/bow to partner before chaining back in the opposite direction to meet partner. 32 walking steps.
|:9-16:| (c) Take 'vestjysk' hold with partner (WL in MR hand on Ws back; WR in ML hand on M's back) and dance turning waltz, moving CCW in the circle.
    Repeat from (b), dancing alternately chain and waltz. On the last repeat, waltz around the room in LOD, rather than in the circle.
    Traditionally, 'trekant' was danced as a set of three 'trekanter', each one with a different melody. A hopsa could be danced after the third trekant as 'dessert'.

Source: Danske Folkedanseres Spillemandskreds Danse fra vestkysten: melodier og danse. s.l.: Spillemandskredsens Forlag, 2000. p.53
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-02-08

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