Trekant I, Ribe

Country: Jylland, Denmark
Formation: 3 couples in a closed circle. 'Ribe' hold: M holds both hands out to sides, palms up, clasps respective W's hands by the wrist. W holds hands out to sides with palms down, grasps M's little finger between thumb and forefinger, and wraps remaining fingers around outside of M's hand.
Type: set dance
Steps: step-hop, pivot steps on the spot
Music: 6/8-beat, ♩.=96.

    Dance progression
1-8 (a) All take 'Ribe' hold, and dance 16 step-hops to the L (CCW).
1-8 (b) All dance grand chain (M moving CCW, W moving CW) without taking hands, to meet partner, walk past partner, turning over L shoulder, and do brief curtsey/bow to partner before chaining back in the opposite direction to meet partner. 32 walking steps.
|:9-12:| (c) Take closed waist-shoulder hold with partner and dance pivot steps on the spot.
    Repeat from (b), dancing alternately chain and pivot steps.
    Traditionally, 'trekant' was danced as a set of three 'trekanter', each one with a different melody. A hopsa could be danced after the third trekant as 'dessert'.

Source: Danske Folkedanseres Spillemandskreds Danse fra vestkysten: melodier og danse. s.l.: Spillemandskredsens Forlag, 2000. p.51
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-02-08

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