Swede-Finn mixer

Country: Finland
Type: mixer
Formation: open circle of couples, M facing out of circle, W facing centre of circle
Steps: buzz, walk

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) All take R-in-R hand hold, and circle CW on the spot with 8 walking steps.
5-8   All drop R hands and take L-in-L hand hold, and circle CCW on the spot with 8 walking steps.
1-8   Without dropping L hand hold, all swing R hand over onto partner's R shoulder, and circle CW on the spot, 16 buzz steps.
9-16 (b) All face in LOD (CCW in circle), holding WL/ML and WR/MR, M behind and to L of his partner. Promenade in LOD 16 walking steps.
9-16   All drop handholds. M continue moving in LOD in an inner circle, while W move in RLOD in an outer circle. 16 walking steps.
    Repeat with a new partner from (a).

Provenance unknown at time of writing.
Description: Laine Ruus, Edinburgh, 2016-07-18

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