Aijai sorja

Country: Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: even number of couples in two lines, M to the right, W to the left as seen from the front. W hold skirts, M have fists on hips.

               couple 1    X     O
                      2    X     O
                      3    X     O
                      4    X     O
                      5    X     O
                      6    X     O  (where X=male, O=female)

Steps: (1) buzz, (2) side-'leaps' (like sidestep, but with a leap rather than a step, (3) step-hop; (4) walk-walk-twostep: two walking steps (M:L,R) followed by a twostep (L,R,L). Repeat with opposite footwork. Women's footwork is opposite of man's.

    Dance progression
1-4 1 (a) W dance 4 step-hops over to men's line, starting with L foot
5-8   clap R hands with partner on 1st beat of 5th bar, turning 1/2 turn CCW, and return to place with 4 step-hops, while M do full turn CCW on the spot, with 4 step-hops.
1-8   M repeat women's action in 1 (a).
9-16 (b) All dance 4 step-hops into centre, and take two-hand hold with partner.
Odd numbered couples back out to men's side (M backwards, W forwards) while even numbered couples back out to women's side (W go backwards, M forwards) to form two lines of couples. 4 step-hops.
9-16   All dance 8 step-hops turning CW on the spot with partner. Finish as two lines of couples facing across the set.
1-8 (c) All turn (individually) to face front of set, fists on hips. All dance 8 side-'leaps' to opposite side. [W pass in front]
1-8   All dance 8 side-leaps back to return to place.
|:9-16:| (d) M and W form separate circles, 3-4 people per circle, with shoulder hold. Dance 8 buzz steps CW and 8 buzz steps CCW.
Finish in segreated lines, as at beginning of dance, facing front.
|:17-24:| 2 In groups of 6-8 couples, lines move toward the front, curving in to pass through opposite line. Women continue to the R, Men to the L, curving around to meet partner at the end of the set. Couples then move forward, up the centre of the set, forming an arch with joined inside hands.
As each couple reaches the top of the set, M and W turn individually (M CCW and W CW) to face down the set and proceed down the set under the arches.
At the bottom of the set, alternate couples go right and left around to form a closed circle of all 6-8 couples. Step throughout is walk-walk-twostep.
Finish in segreated lines, as at beginning of dance.
25-32 3 (a) All dance 8 step-hops moving CW in the circle, swinging arms in and out.
25-32   All dance 8 step-hops moving CCW as above. Finish with M facing out of circle, W facing into circle, no hand hold.
33 (b) Beckon to partner with R forefinger, 3 times.
34   Slap L knee with R hand, then R knee with L hand, and finally L knee with R hand.
35-36   Take two-hand hold with partner, and dance 4 step-hops, turning 1/2 turn CW on the spot.
37-40   Repeat 3 (b), finishing with M facing out of circle, W facing in, as at end of 3 (a)..
25-26 (c) Holding parner with MR/WL hand, raise joined arms and both look under.
27-28   Change hold to ML/WR hand, and look under raised joined arms as before.
29-32   Drop hold, raise R hand to shade eyes, and peer into distance (looking for a different partner?).
M step out and all form large closed circle.
33-40   Dance 8 step-hops CW to finish dance.

Provenance: taught by Martti Vanhapelto, in Vancouver, 1988-03-25 to 26.
Note: this appears to be a choreographed merge of 3 discrete 'little' dances.
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1988-03.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-15

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