Anianpellon jenkka

Country: Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: closed circle of couples. M has partner on his R side.
Steps: schottis, side-step, step-hop

    Dance progression
1-2 (a) During introductory bars, all W turn towards partner (CCW) one-half turn to face out of circle. Reform closed circle, hands at shoulder height.
Beginning with ML/WR foot, dance 2 schottis steps moving in RLOD.
3-4   All drop hands with corner, and R in R with partner and L hand held up, turn one full turn CW on the spot, 4 step-hops. Finish in closed circle, W facing out and M facing in.
5-8, 1-8   Repeat (a) three times. Finish in open circle, W facing out, M facing into circle, with partner on his R side.
9-12 (b) W stand facing out.
Meanwhile, M, with arms folded on chest, dance 2 schottis steps into centre (9-10), turn one-half turn CW on the spot to face out with 2 step-hops (11), and stamp 3 times (12).
13-16   M dance 2 schottis steps towards partner, passing partner on the R (13-14), take two-hand hold with partner and turn a full turn CCW on the spot with 4 step-hops (15-16). M finish facing out of circle with arms folded on chest.
9-16   M stand facing out of circle, arms folded on chest.
Meanwhile, W repeat (b), dancing into centre with 2 schottis steps (9-10), turning one half-turn CCW on the spot with 2 step-hops (11), clapping three times (12), dancing away from centre with 2 schottis steps (13-14), passing partner to the L, and turning with two-hand hold to partner one full turn CW with 4 step-hops.
Couples finish with M facing out of circle, W facing partner, and holding inside hands.
1-2 (c) M turn CCW, W turn CW, two full turns, moving in LOD. 4 step-hops. Finish in waltz hold with partner, M facing out of circle and W facing in.
3-4   All dance 4 side-steps, moving in LOD.
5-8, 1-8   Repeat (c) three times. Finish in closed waist-shoulder hold with partner.
|:9-16:| (d) All dance 32 step-hops, turning CW and moving in LOD.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Taught by Motora in Vancouver 1978-10-26
See also video on YouTube
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-03-17

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