Gammalmodig åtta, Solf

Country: Solf, Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: square set of 4 couples. Head couples: couple 1 has backs to music, and couple 3 faces couple 1. Side couples: couple 2 stands to couple 1's R, and couple 4 stands to the L of couple 1.

figure 1:                   front
               couple       1
                           O X
                      2  X     O
                         O     X  4
                           X O           (where X=male, O=female)

Steps: buzz, walk
Music: (CD) Finlands Svenska Folkdansring Årsprogram 2001-2002 track 2.

    Dance progression
1-4 1 (a) Promenade: Head couples turn 1/4 turn to the L, and starting with L foot, walk 8 walking steps towards respective side couples, finishing in line with side couple.
figure 2:                   front
                               X  1
                      2  X     O  4
                         O     X   
                      3  O
5-8   Head couples turn, M to the R and W to the L (ie towards partner), take new inside hands, and dance 8 walking steps to the opposite side.
figure 3:                   front
                      1  X         
                      2  X     O  4
                         O     X   
                               O  3
1-8   Head couples again turn towards each otherr and repeat (1 a), finishing in position illustrated in figure 3 above. 16 walaking steps.
|:9-16:|  (b) Polska: head couples form R-hand star, with thumb hold, in the centre of the set, holding the elbow of the person in front from underneath with L hand. Dance 16 buzz steps turning CW (9-16). Finish with stamps and yells on the final bar.
All turn to the R, take L-hand star in the same way, and dance 16 buzz steps turning CCW (9-16). Finish in original places.
|:1-8:| 2 (a) Side couples repeat (1 a).
|:9-16:|   (b) Side couples repeat (1 b).
|:1-4:| 3 (a) Trinddans: All take front basket hold (L arm under, R arm over), and dance 12 walking steps CW , beginning with R foot. The leader signals with 2 stamps on the last 2 beats of bar 4 (ie 4:3 and 4:4). All dance 12 buzz steps, CW (1-4).
|:5-8:|   (b) All turn to the R, with 3 jumps on both feet and 3 simultaneous claps (5), and take reverse front basket hold (L arm over, R arm under).
All walk CCW 9 walking steps, beginning with R foot (6-8). Again the leader signals with 2 stamps on the last 2 beats (8:3 and 8:4). All dance 12 reverse buzz steps moving CCW.
|:1-4:||:5-8:|   All repeat (3 a) and (3 b).
Note that this time the walking steps CW begin with the L foot, and walking steps CCW with R foot.

Source: Finlands Svenska Folkdansring r.f. Instruktionshäfte 1: 10 finlandssvenska folkdanser. 2:a uppl. Helsingfors, 1974. pp. 24-25.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2014-01-26

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