Joraava orava

Country: Finland
Type: longways set dance
Formation: even number of couples facing couples in two lines. Couples holding inside hands.

      Place A

      facing     >    <
      couple 1   X    O
                 O    X   2
             3   X    O
                 O    X   4
             5   X    O
                 O    X   6
             7   X    O
                 O    X   8

Steps: balancé (pas-de-basque), side-steps, walk (soft, with lift). All sequences begin with outside foot (ML/WR), with the exception of karkelo.
Music: special tune

    Dance progression
1-8 1 (a) Couples, beginning with outside (ML/WR) foot, advance 4 walking steps (1-2) and dance 2 balancés (3-4). Retire ditto.
1-8   Couples take waltz hold, turn CW on the spot (1-2) with 4 walking steps, turning W under joined arms on the last two steps (3-4), 4 walking steps. Repeat, turning CCW on the spot (5-8).
9-16   (b) Women's karkelo: beginning with R foot, W advance with 3 walking steps (9 & 10), step slightly back on 4th beat (&), turn CCW on the spot one full turn with a hop, and continue across set to opposite M, passing opposite W on the L (11 & 12 &). 8 walking steps total.
W take waltz hold with opposite M and turn CW on the spot, 8 walking steps (13-16)
9-16   W repeat (1 b) to return to place.
|:1-8:| 2 (a) Repeat (1 a).
|:9-16:|   (b) Men's karkelo: all M repeat (1 b), beginning with R foot.
|:1-8:| 3 (a) Couples take waltz hold, dance 3 sidesteps towards opposite couple (1-2), and 3 sidesteps back to place (3-4).
All couples dance across the set to opposite place, passing opposite couple on the R (M back to back) and turning CCW as a couple at opposite place to face back into set on last bar (5-8). 8 sidesteps.
Repeat to return to place.
9-16   (b) W R-hand chain across the set. Courtesy turn CCW with opposite M. 8 walking steps. Repeat to return to place.
9-16   M L-hand chain across the set. R-in-R thumb-hold turn CW with opposite W. 8 walking steps. Repeat to return to place.
1-8 4 (a) Couples form closed circles of 4 couples (ie couples 1-4, and 5-8), and dance CW. 16 walking steps. Finish in place B, facing side.
      Place B
     couple 1    O X  O X  2      \/
     couple 3    X O  X O  4      /\
     couple 5    O X  O X  6      \/
     couple 7    X O  X O  8      /\
1-8   Dance dos-à-dos CW around opposite person (1-4), 8 walking steps.
Couple facing front makes arch and advances, facing couple passes through (5-6), 4 walking steps. Repeat arches, with opposite couple making arch (7-8), 4 walking steps.
9-16   (b) Opposite couples advance and pass through opposite couple (ie couples 1 and 3, 2 and 4, etc), passing on the L, and continuing a half-turn around partner to change places, M on the 'outside' (9-12). 8 walking steps.
Repeat to return to place B.
9-16   Couples holding inside hands change places with opposide couple, passing on the L (9-12) ie M leading, 8 walking steps.
Repeat to return to place B (13-16), 8 walking steps.
|:1-8:| 5 (a) All couples dance reel of 4 in lines, ie couple 7 with couple 8, couple 5 with couple 6, etc. Begin passing R shoulders with partner. 16 walking steps.
Circle around partner CW to finish reel and return to place B. Take R-hand star with opposite couple (ie couple 7 with couple 5, couple 8 with couple 6, etc.). 16 walking steps.
9-16   (b) Dance R-hand star, turning CW, 16 walking steps.
9-16   Dance L-hand star, turning CCW, 16 walking steps. Finish in place A.
1-8 6 (a) Couples, holding inside hands, advance 4 walking steps (1-2) and dance 2 balancés (3-4). Retire 4 walking steps and 2 balancé steps opening into large closed circle.
1-8   Circle CW, 16 walking steps.
9-16   (b) W form closed inside circle and continue CW, 16 walking steps, while M in open circle outside move CCW, 16 walking steps. M finish beside partner, with R hand on partner's L shoulder, turning to begin moving CW (15-16).
9-16   All circle CW, 8 walking steps (9-12). Couples take waltz hold and turn CW 8 walking steps (13-16).

Source: YouTube video.
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-01-13.

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