Kahilaisen hyppy

Country: Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: open circle of couples, holding inside hands
Steps: buzz-step, two-step

    Dance progression
1-4 1 (a) On introductory beats, couples turn to face, and take R hand in R, hands at shoulder height, and palm to palm.
All begin with R foot, and turn one full turn CW on the spot with partner, 4 two-steps.
5-8   All give L hand to corner, palm to palm, and turn CCW, 4 two-steps.
Finish beside partner, all facing out of circle and holding inside (MR/WL) hands.
9-12   (b) All begin with R foot and dance one two-step forwards out of circle (9), followed by one two-step backwards into circle (10).
All turn towards partner, and face into circle. Dance 1 two-step into circle (11), followed by one two-step backwards out of circle (12).
13-16   Turn to partner, take waltz hold, and dance 8 buzz-steps on the spot, turning CW.
Finish in two lines of couples facing couples.
1-8 2 (a) M stand still. Meanwhile W advance, beginning with R foot, and circle CW around opposite W one full revolution (1-4). 4 two-steps.
W link R arms with opposite W, clasp own hands in front, and continue to turn an additional full revolution CW on the spot (5-8). 4 two-steps.
9-16   (b) W return to partner's L side, facing out, with 2 two-steps (9-10), step backwards and turn a full turn CCW (11) and proceed CW all around partner to finish at his R side (12-16). 5 two-steps. Finish facing partner.
1-8 3 (a) Give R hand to partner, and pass with 2 two-steps (1-2). Give L hand across the set to opposite, and change places with 2 two-steps (3-4). Repeat to return to place (5-8).
9-16   (b) Holding inside hands, all dance 1 two-step towards centre of the set (9), 1 two-step backwards to place (10).
All dance forwards 2 two-steps to cross to opposite place, W passing on the inside (11-12).
All take waltz hold and turn CW, 8 buzz steps (13-16), while moving into an open circle formation.
1-8 4 (a) All W advance, take closed circle hold, and dance 5 two-steps with circle moving a full turn CW. W advance from the circle diagonally towards partner's R side, proceed behind partner to his L side. Finish facing into circle. Total 8 two-steps.
9-16   (b) All M advance to form open circle, R arm stretched at shoulder height into centre. All dance two-steps one full turn CW. M advance from the circle diagonally towards partner's R side, proceed behind partner to her L side. Finish facing partner, M facing in LOD, W in RLOD. Total 8 two-steps.
1-8 5 (a) All dance R-hand chain to 4th person (1-4), turn one-half turn CCW with L hand in L hand, and chain back to partner (5-8). Total 8 two-steps. Finish facing out of circle holding inside hands.
9-16   (b) All dance 1 two-step forwards out of circle (9), 1 two-step backwards into centre (10), turn towards partner and dance 1 two-step towards centre (11), and 1 two-step backwards away from centre (12). Take waltz hold with partner and dance 8 buzz-steps turning CW on the spot (13-16).

See videos at Painted Cloud Studio and at YouTube (@1:30)
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-03-17.

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