Country: Itä-Karjala, Finland
Type: longways set
Formation: 4, 6 or 8 couples, in two lines of couples facing couples. Even numbered couples stand in line to the L seen from the from, odd-numbered couples face them, to the R as seen from the front.
Hold: M arms folded on chest, W holding skirt
Steps: kisäpyörintä (buzz step, but with outside arms held up), ripatska, step-swing (dalsteg), polkka, walk
Music: (LP) iTanhumusikiai, track A7; see also .midi file

    Dance progression
|:1-4:| 1 a Opposing couples change places, W passing in centre. 4 polkka steps.
Repeat backwards to return to place. 4 polkka steps.
|:5-8:|   b 16 kisapyörintä on the spot.
|:1-4:| 2 a M advance, 4 polkka steps. Take R-thumb hold, and dance 2 fast ripatska steps starting with L foot. Walk 4 steps CW to face partner.
Meanwhile W clap to beat.
|:5-8:|   b M return to partner with 4 polkka steps. Followed by 8 kisäpyörintä with partner.
|:1-4:| 3 a W advance 4 polkka steps, and take 2-hand hold with opposite W. Dance 2 step-swings (dalsteg), first stepping R and swinging L foot across, then with opposite footwork.
W change to R-hand in R-hand hold, circle half way round CW to face own partner, 4 walking steps. Meanwhile, M clap to the beat.
|:5-8:|   b W return to partner with 4 polkka steps. Followed by 8 kisäpyörintä with partner.
|:1-4:| 4 a Holding inside hands with partner, W go down on R knee. M dances in an arc infront of W from her L to her R side. 4 polkka steps.
M changes to L-hand in L-hand hold, and returns to place. 4 polkka steps.
|:5-8:|   b 16 kisapyörintä on the spot.
|:1-4:| 5 a Odd numbered couples hold as follows: M with R hand on partner's waist, L hand holding W's L-hand, both facing forward. W holds skirt with free hand.
Odd numbered couples advance to opposite couple, 4 polkka steps. Turn on the spot CCW with 4 polkka steps (M backwards).
Meanwhile even numbered couples clap hands to beat.
|:5-8:|   b Odd numbered couples return to place, backwards, 4 polkka steps. Then dance 8 kisapyörintä on the spot.
|:1-4:| 6 a Even-numbered couples repeat (5 a).
|:5-8:|   b Even-numbered couples repeat (5 b).
|:1-4:||:5-8:||:1-4:||:5-8:| 7   All couples advance (M arms folded on chest, W holding skirts) 4 polkka steps. Form closed circle and dance 4 polkka steps CW, followed by 4 polkka steps CCW.
Chain, giving L hand to partner, to first meeting with partner, turn half-way round with partner, and chain back, reforming original lines. As many polkka steps as are necessary.
|:1-4:||:5-8:| 8   Holding inside hands, all couples advance diagonally to front, forming single line of couples, with couple 1 in front. As each couple reaches front, it turns and goes through the tunnel formed by other dancers, rejoining line of couples at end of tunnel.
Once all couples have gone through tunnel and couple 1 is again in front, advance to front, and raise inside hands.

Source: taught by Martti Vanhapelto, Vancouver, 1985-03, and Hillsboro, OR1987-10-09.
Printed source: Rausmaa, Pirkko-Liisa & Esko Tanhuvakka. Porvoo: W Söderström, 1977. p. 300-303. [Note: this version differs from the one in Tanhuvakka]
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1985-03.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-08-07

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