Mattin jenkka

Country: Finland
Type: couple dance
Formation: closed circle of couples. M faces into circle, W faces out, thumb hold (MR/WR) with partner.
Steps: schottis steps (M: L, R, L, hop; W: R, L, R, hop, or opposite footwork on repeat), step-hops
Music: Anianpelonjenkka or other jenkka with appropriate structure and length.

    Dance progression
|:1-4:||:5-8:| 1   Beginning with ML/WR foot, all dance 2 schottis steps moving in LOD.
Drop hold with corner, lift free hand to about head height, and dance 4 step-hops turning one full turn CW, to return to start formation.
Repeat 3 times.
1-4 2 (a) W stand in place, facing out of circle. M, with arms folded on chest, dance 2 schottis steps into centre of circle, and turn CW (over R shoulder) to face out, with 2 step-hops and 3 stamps, and a clap in last stamp.
1-2   M return to partner with 2 schottis steps, passing partner's R side.
3-4   Take two-hand hold with partner, and dance CCW with 4 step-hops. M finish facing out, with arms folded on chest.
5-8   (b) M stand in place. W, with fists on hips, dance 2 schottis steps into centre of circle, turn CCW with 4 step-hops and a clap on the last.
5-6   W return to partner with 2 schottis steps, passing partner's L side.
7-8   Couples take 2-hand hold and dance turning CW in place, 4 step-hops. Finish facing in LOD, holding inside hands.
|:1-4:| 3 (a) Couples turn away from each other (M CCW, W CW) with 2 step-hops, while moving in LOD.
Couples take waltz hold and dance 4 side-steps in LOD.
Repeat (3 a) 3 times.
|:5-8:|   (b) Still in waltz hold, couples dance step-hops, turning CW and moving in LOD.

Source: taught by Susanna Daley at 26th Annual Northwest Folk Dance Festival, Enumclaw, WA, August 1976, and by Motora, in Vancouver, 1978-10-26.
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1976-08
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-10-23, rev. 2013-06-12..

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