Country: Finland
Type: couple dance
Formation: open circle of couples, facing partner. M facing in LOD, W in RLOD.
Steps: polkka
Music: see midi file

    Dance progression
1-8 1 (a) W, holding skirt, begins with R polkka step and dances, turning CW, in LOD, 8 polkka steps. M chases, beginning with L polkka step, arms folded on chest, but not turning, ie dancing the polkka steps straight ahead following partner. 8 polkka steps.
9-10   (b) M and W facing. Both bend knees slightly, simultaneously clapping own knees (9:1), straighten up and clap own hands (9:3), and shake R hands with a curtsey/bow (10).
11-12   Repeat (1 b), but shaking hands with L hand.
13-14   Repeat (1 b), shaking hands with R hand (14:1) and L hand (14:3).
15-16   Repeat (1 b), shaking hands with R hand (16).
1-8 2 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat all of (1 b), this time substituting a hug for the handshake. For the hug, M and W lean towards each other, place R hand on partner's L shoulder and L hand on partner's waist. For second hug, place L hand on partner's R shoulder and R hand on partner's waist. Repeat as in (1 b).
1-8 3 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat (1 b), this time pretending to inhale snuff from back of R hand while turning away from partner (M turning into centre of circle, W turning out of circle), then back of L hand (with opposite turns), etc.
1-8 4 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat (1 b), this time sneezing violently but in time to the music. and turning away from partner as in (3 b).
1-8 5 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat (1 b), this time W slapping M across the ear, first with R hand, then with L, etc. M turns away from each slap.
1-8 6 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat (1 b), this time M makes a 'long nose' with both hands, first to R and then to L, at partner who turns aside as in (3 a).
1-8 7 (a) Repeat (1 a).
9-16   (b) Repeat (1 b).
1-8 8 (a) Varsouvienne hold, couple dances forwards, in LOD, 8 polkka steps.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Provenance: probably choreographed.
Source: Svenska Ungdomsringen för bygdekultur. Beskrivning av gillesdanser i Norden. s.l.: Svenska Ungdomsringen för bygdekultur, 1970. pp. 82-84.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-10-27.

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