Paimen plikan valssi

Country: Finland
Type: longways set dance
Formation: two lines of 6 or 8 couples, facing audience, one line behind the other. W stands in front of and to R of M. Holding WR in MR and WL in ML at or above shoulder height (varsouvienne hold). Both face either audience or across set at opposing couple.

                      couple       1     2     3
                                  O X   O X   O X   
                                  O X   O X   O X            (where X=male, O=female)
                      couple       4     5     6 


Steps: step-swing (step L, swing R across in front of L, except where opposite footwork is noted), travelling waltz steps, turning waltz
Music: Pääskysen valssi, or other waltz in moderate tempo with appropriate structure and length.

    Dance progression
1-2 1 (a) Step-swing and turn: Couple begin stepping on L and dancing two step-swings (to L and to R).
3-4   Drop hold with L hands, W dances under joined R hands, one full turn CCW. 2 waltz steps. M dances the waltz steps in place (L, close R, L). Finish in varsouvienne hold.
5-8   Repeat above with opposite footwork. W turns CW under joined L hands. Finish in two-hand hold with partner, arms crossed.
1-4   Couple turns in place CW with 4 waltz steps.
5-8   Facing partner, couples dance 2 step-swings, beginning to L and swinging R, followed by both turning individually CCW (over L shoulder) in place. Finish with couples 1,2 and 3 forming one line, and couples 4 through 6 forming a second line, all facing front.
9-16   (b) Arches: Couples 1, 2 and 3 form line and proceed to their R (ie in LOD) while couples 4, 5 and 6 proceed to their L, 2 waltz steps. Couple 1 turns CCW 1/2 turn, and forms an arch through which couples 2 and 3 pass, couple 2 in turn forming an arch, and couple 1 passes through both arches. Couples 4, 5 and 6 ditto, but turning CW. Total 8 waltz steps.
At end of this sequence, the order of the couples in each line is reversed.
                      couple       3     2     1
                                  O X   O X   O X   
                                  O X   O X   O X 
                      couple       6     5     4 

9-16   Double circles: W, holding skirts, form open inner circle moving 1-1/2 circles CW, while M, with arms crossed on chest, move in outer circle, one half circle CCW. 8 waltz steps. Finish with W in closed circle in centre of set, roughly in front of partner, M opposite original place, fists on hips. All facing centre of set.
Formation and position is now:
                      couple       4     5     6
                                  O X   O X   O X   
                                  X O   X O   X O 
                      couple       1     2     3 

1-8 2 (a) Step-swings and advance and retire: All dance 2 step-swings in place. All turn one full turn CCW in place with 2 waltz steps (W dropping and resuming hold after the turn). Repeat with opposite footwork, and turning CW in place. Finish facing opposite couple.
1-8   All advance 2 waltz steps and retire 2 waltz steps, followed by 2 step-swings and a full turn CCW in place with 2 waltz steps.
9-16   (b) W solo: W take R-elbow hook with opposite W, holding own R hand in own L hand, and dance one full turn CW in place, 2 waltz steps, and drop hold. Meanwhile M advance 2 waltz steps to partner's L side, take courtesy hold with partner (R hand on W's waist, holding WL in RL at shoulder height). Pass opposite couple on the L to opposite position, 2 waltz steps.
Without dropping courtesy hold, turn 1-1/2 full turns CCW in place, turning W under joined L hands on last waltz step, to place W on M's R side. Total 4 waltz steps. Finish in courtesy hold.
9-16   Couples advance 2 waltz steps to pass opposite couple on the L. M continue across the set, back to place and turn CCW in place, ready to pick up partner in courtesy hold, 2 waltz steps. Meanwhile W as they pass take R-elbow hook with opposite W in the centre of the set, and dance one full turn CW in place, 2 waltz steps. Drop hold with opposite W, advance to original place and take courtesy hold with partner. Couples turn in place 4 waltz steps, W turning under joined L hands to finish in varsouvienne position, and facing audience, as for (1 a).
|:1-8:| 3 (a) Step-swing and turn: Repeat (1 a). Finish in varsouvienne position, facing in RLOD.
9-16   (b) Circle in RLOD: All couples turn CCW 1/2-turn and dance in RLOD around the set. 8 waltz steps.
9-16   All couples move into centre of set (or advance 2 waltz steps and retire ditto), 4 waltz steps. Still with 2-hand hold with partner, W dances CCW around partner while M dances waltz steps in place, finishing with a second CCW turn under the joined hands at partner's R side. 4 waltz steps. Finish in closed circle.
1-8 4 (a) W across and back: All dance 2 step-swings in place, beginning stepping onto L foot. While M dance 2 waltz steps in place, W turn CCW while moving to partner's L side. Repeat with opposite footwork, W turning CW back to partner's R side. Finish facing partner (M facing LOD, W facing RLOD) in crossed 2-hand hold.
1-8   Couple turns one full turn CW in place. 4 waltz steps. Finish with 2 step-swings, and turn individually CCW in place with 2 waltz steps. Finish in waltz hold.
9-16   (b) Couple waltz: All couples dance turning waltz, starting with first waltz step backwards in RLOD, then forwards to move in LOD and turning CW. 8 waltz steps.
9-10   (c) Holding WR in ML, and moving in LOD, W turns a full turn CW under joined hands. 2 waltz steps.
11-12   Couples momentarily hold inside hands to provide the impetus to turn away from each other, M turning CCW and W turning CW. 2 waltz steps.
13-16   Repeat (4 c) to end of music.

Source: see video with 4 couples at <>, and with six couples at < >
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-10-23, rev. 2013-11-23, 2014-02-02

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