Pas d'Espagne (patespaani)

Country: Finland
Type: couple dance
Formation: unlimited number of couples in open circle, facing LOD and holding inside hands at shoulder height.
Steps: side-step, waltz
Music: (CD) Lakselv Spellemanslaug Danse-slåtter fra Finmark track 19.

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) Starting with outside foot (ML/WR) couples dance 2 waltz steps forward in LOD, followed by 2 waltz steps backwards in RLOD. Both turn (M CW, W CCW) to face RLOD, and take new inside hands.
5-8   Couples dance 2 waltz steps forward in RLOD, followed by 2 waltz steps backwards in LOD. Both turn (M CCW, W CW) to face LOD.
1-2 (b) Still holding WR in ML, W passes under ML/WR arms to change places with partner, 2 waltz steps.
3-4   Both dance 2 side-steps in RLOD. Change hands.
5-6   Holding WL in MR hand, M passes under joined hands to change places with W, back to original position. 2 waltz steps.
7-8   Both dance 2 side-steps in LOD.
1-2 (c) M turns a full turn CCW while W turns CW, moving in LOD. 2 waltz steps.
3-4   Holding inside hands, both dance 2 side-steps in LOD. Change hands.
5-8   Repeat (c), M turning CW while W turns CCW on first two measures, and moving in RLOD.
1-2 (d) Take waltz hold, M facing out of circle and W facing in. Dance 2 side-steps in LOD.
3-4   and two side-steps in RLOD.
5-8   Dance 4 turning waltz steps, turning CW and moving in LOD.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Source: taught by Martti Vanhapelto in Vancouver, March 25-26, 1988.
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Description by L Ruus, Vancouver, March 25-26, 1988.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-10-28, rev. 2013-02-18.

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