Pispalan sottiisi

Country: Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: longways set of 6-8 couples facing, in two rows, facing forwards (ie audience. Holding inside hands.
Steps: jenkka (= 2 schottis steps, followed by 4 step-hops). Note: first schottis step begins with outside (ML/WR) foot, the second with inside (MR/WL) foot..

    Dance progression
1-8 1 (a) All wait.
1-8   All dance 2 jenkka steps forwards, swinging arms forwards then back on the step-hops.
|:9-16:|   (b) Front row circles to the L (CW) while back row circles to the R (CCW). Lines circle twice, alternatingly passing inside and outside the other line. 4 jenkka steps. Finish in one large closed circle.
|:1-8:| 2 (a) All advance in closed circle, 4 schottis steps, alternately facing partner, and back-to-back with partner (1-4). All retire to placewith 8 step-hops, turning twice round (M turning CW, W turning CCW), clapping partner's hands on (8:4). Finish in closed circle.
Again advance with 4 schottis steps, as above (1-4). All retire, turning one full turn as above (5-6). M moves partner to his L side and turns to face out of circle, 4 step-hops (7-*). Finish with M facing out of circle, W facing into circle, holding R in R with partner and L in L with corner.
|:9-16:|   (b) All dance 2 schottis steps in RLOD (9-10). Drop hold with corner, and turn one full turn CW with 4 step-hops, L arm held up at head height (11-12). Repeat 3 times. Finish with M facing out of circle, W facing into circle.
1-8 3 (a) M stand still. Meanwhile all W advance with 2 schottis steps (1-2), and turn CCW (over L shoulder) with 4 step-hops (3-4) and clapping hands 3 times (4:1, 4:2, 4:3). W return to partner with 2 schottis steps (5-6), pass partner's R shoulder, take 2-hand hold with partner, and dance one full turn CCW on the spot with 4 step-hops (7-8).
1-8   M repeat (3 a). Finish in open circle, all facing into circle.
9-16   (b) M stand facing in, arms up to (almost) form arches. Meanwhile, W dance figure-8 around partner and corner, passing infront of partner to start. 2 jenkka steps. Finish in open circle, all facing into circle.
9-16   All M repeat (3 b).
1-8 4 (a) All take waltz hold, and face in LOD. Outside heel to floor in front (1:1), outside toe to floor behind (1:3). All dance 4 walking steps in LOD (2). Repeat with inside foot (3-4). Dance 2 schottis steps moving in LOD (5-6), followed by 4 step-hops turning CCW on the spot (M backwards)(7-9).
1-8   Repeat (4 a)>

Source: taught by Anita Nutikka, Toronto 2012-2013.
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville 2013-06-11.

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