Country: Finland
Type: circle set
Formation: any number of couples in a circle, M facing LOD, W facing RLOD
Hold: fists on hips
Steps: polkka, walk
Music: (CD) Viipinä varpaissa laululeikit track 39, or any Finnish polkka with the right phrasing.

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) Facing partner, starting on L foot, 4 polkka steps in place. With each polkka step, turn half-way round, to touch partner's elbow with own elbow, turning first to touch L elbows, then R elbows, etc. On 4th polkka step, turn CCW to face corner.
1-4   Repeat (a) to return to facing partner.
|:5-8:| (b) R-hand chain to 7th person. 16 walking steps.
|:9-12:|   Turn half-way round with 7th person, and chain back to partner. 16 walking steps.
|:13-16:| (c) Two-hand hold with partner, 8 walking steps CW on the spot, then 8 walking steps CCW on the spot.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Source: taught to L. Ruus by ?, in Vanouver in the early 1970s.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-06-19, rev. 2014-02-02

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