Ruotsin katrilli Sahalahdelta

Country: Häme, Finland
Type: square set
Formation: even number of couples (4 to 8) in a quadrille, head couples have backs to or face the music, side couples stand to the right or left of head couples.
Steps: run, step-hop, walk
Music: CD Katrillaten 1 (SKY-01) track 13; CD Tanhupojat Katrillia tanssimaan (KICD74) track 16. See also midi file

    Dance progression
1-4 1 a Men's karkelo: Head M dance karkelo with 8 running steps (3 running steps to R of opposite, 2 running steps backwards diagonally L, and 4 running steps forward passing R shoulders to opposite place).
Take two-hand hold with opposite W and turn 2 full turns on the spot, 8 running steps.
5-8 Head M repeat back to original place, turning with own partner.
9-16 b Promenade: Head M promenade CCW around inside of the square, with a bow to nearest W every 4th step.
1-16   Side M repeat (1 a) and (1 b).
1-16 2   Women's karkelo: Head W repeat (1 a) and (1 b) but (1 b) is done CW, with a curtsy to nearest M every 4 steps.
1-16   Side W repeat (1 a) and (1 b). Promenade is CW.
17-20 3 a Couple karkelo: Head couples take two-hand hold, M facing into set, W facing out of set. Head couples dance karkelo, W moving backwards, with 3 step-hops to the R of opposite couple, 2 step-hops back and to the L, and 3 step-hops to opposite place passing to the L of the opposite couple.
21-24 Head couples turn on the spot, 4 step-hops CW, and 4 step-hops CCW. Finish with Ms facing out of set, and W facing into set.
17-24 Head couples dance karkelo as above to return to original place, but this time M dance backwards and W forwards.
25-32 b Promenade: Head couples promenade, holding inside hands, CCW around the set, with a courtesy to each couple they pass. 16 walking steps.
17-32   Side couples repeat (3 a) and (3 b). In (3 b), side couples promenade CW.
|:1-8:| 4   Promenade: All couples promenade arm in arm, CW, 32 walking steps, 1 full turn around the set.

Source: taught by Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät ry in Vancouver, April 1984.
Printed source: Rausmaa, Pirkko-Liisa & Esko Tanhuvakka. Porvoo: W Söderström, 1977. pp. 236-237.
Original description in Swedish: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1984-04.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-03-17

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