Saimaanranta valssi

Country: Finland
Type: set dance, a modern choreography by ???
Formation: open circle of couples, waltz hold.
Steps: step-swing, waltz, walk
Music: Saimanranta valssi

    Dance progression
|:1-8:| 1 (a) Step-swings: All dance in LOD with 2 step-swings, beginning on outside (ML/WR) foot, (1-2), and dance one full turn with two waltz steps (3-4). Repeat three times. Finish in closed circle, W on partner's R side.
9-16   (b) All advance with 1 waltz step (9), and retire with 1 waltz step (10). M swings partner over to his L side as W turns CCW, with 2 waltz steps (11-12), while M dances 2 waltz steps in place. Advance and retire as before, and M swings W back to his R side, W turning CW (13-16)
9-16   All dance 8 turning waltz steps, M beginning by dancing first waltz step backwards in RLOD with R foot, and then beginning regular turning waltz.
1-8 2 (a) Circles: W advance to form closed inside circle, moving CW with 8 waltz steps. Meanwhile, all M form closed outside circle, and dance CCW with 8 waltz steps. On last 4 bars (5-8), M move joined arms up and down to imitate waves.
1-8   W turn and dance CCW, still in closed inside circle, 8 waltz steps. Meanwhile, M turn and dance CW with 8 waltz steps. On last 4 bars (5-8), M move joined arms up and down to imitate waves. 8inish in closed circle.
|:9-16:|   (b) Repeat (1 b).
1-8 3 (a) Moonwalk: All take waltz hold, heads tenderly together and gazing up as the moon. Dance around in a slow circle CW, with 8 walking steps, one on the first beat of each bar. Finish in place, holding inside hands and facing in LOD.
1-8   M dances forward in LOD, while W turns CW under his R arm twice (1-4). 4 waltz steps.
Take waltz hold, and dance 4 turning waltz steps (5-8), moving in LOD. Finish in closed circle.
|:9-16:|   (b) Repeat (1 b).

Source: taught by Anita Nutikka, Toronto, 2007-09-18
Description: adapted from a description by Anita Nutikka, by Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2014-09-08, rev. 2014-09-14.

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