Country: Yleissuomalaisia, Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: sets of 2 couples, in a square, W1 facing W2, and M1 facing M2, free fists on hips

                         O   O

Steps: heel-toe, run, step-hop, walk
Music: (LP) Suomen Nuorison Liitto track A8; (LP) Tanhumusiikkia track A4; (CD) Kutinaa Kengissä Tanhut yli 10-vuotiaat track 24.

    Dance progression
1-4 1 (a) Kantavarvashyppely: All turn to face somewhat CW in the circle, and dance 4 heel-toe steps to centre of set with R foot (ie. hopping on L foot, R heel to centre (1:1), R toe to L heel (1:2), repeat).
1-4   Turning to face CCW in circle, repeat (1 a) hopping on R foot and dancing 4 heel-toe steps with L foot.
5-6   (b) Paikanvaihto: Both W clap on (1:1) and change places, starting with R foot and passing on the R. 4 walking steps.
7-8   M repeat (1 b).
5-8   W, then M repeat (1 b).
|:1-4:|,|:5-8:|   Repeat (1 a) and (1 b).
Finish with M1 standing in front of W1, both facing couple 2, and M2 behind W2 both facing couple 1.
                         O X       O X
|:9-12:| 2 (a) Pilkistys: W1 and M2 wave at each other from behing partner's back, first with L hand over partner's L shoulder (9), then with R hand (10) over partner's R shoulder. Repeat 3 times (11-12, 9-12).
|:13-16:|   (b) W1 and M2 step out from behind partners, take 2-hand hold in centre, and dance 8 step-hops, turning CW, followed by 8 step-hops turning CCW.
Finish in front of own partner, facing opposite couple.
                         X O       X O
|:9-12:|, |:13-16:|   W2 and M1 repeat (2a) and (2 b).
Finish with M back to back in centre, facing respective partners. Fists on hips.
17-20 3 (a) Enkeliskahyppely: All dance 6 reel-steps, beginning with weight on L foot and swinging R foot behind it (17-19) followed by 3 stamps (20).
21-24   Repeat (3 a), this time, beginning with weight on R foot and swinging L foot behind.
25-32   (b) Enkeliskakierto: All dance reel of 4, beginning by passing partner on the L. 28 running steps (25-31), and finish with W back to back in center facing partners. Followed by 3 stamps (32).
17-32   Repeat (3 a) and (3 b).

Note: 'Sappo' is the old name, used in Kisapirtti. 'Pilkutin' is the new name used in Tanhuvakka.
Source: as taught by Martti Vanhapelto, in Portland 1987-10-10 to 11.
Printed source: Rausmaa, Pirkko-Liisa & Esko Tanhuvakka. Porvoo: W Söderström, 1977. pp. 282-283.
Description: Laine Ruus, in Portland 1987-10-10 to 11.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-01-06, rev. 2014-09-08.

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