Seni (variation)

Country: Finland
Type: mixer
Formation: circle of couples, M facing out of circle, W facing in.
Steps: buzz, walk
Music: see midi files 1, and 2

    Dance progression
1-4 a Couples clap own hands (1), partner's R hand (&), own hands (2), partner's L hand (&), own hands (3), both partner's hands (&), own hands twice (4 &).
5-8 b With waltz hold, turn with 4 walking steps on the spot (5-6). On the last four beats (7 & 8 &), W turns CW under ML/WR arm, and moves in LOD (CCW) to next M who becomes new partner.

Source: taught by Irene Ala-Jukuri, at Finnfest 2010 in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2010-07-29, rev. 2013-01-20

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