Country: dance in the Kroshnojärven folklore-ryhmältä group.
Type: couple dance
Formation: open circle of couples facing in LOD. Partners stand side by side, crossed arms in front, thumb hold.
Steps: two-step (R (1:1), L (1:2), L (1:3), pause (1:4)), run
Music: 4/4-time

    Dance progression
    All bounce lightly in the knees during the introductory bars.
1-8 (a) All beginning with R foot, all dance 8 smooth two-steps forwards in LOD.

All move backwards as follows:

9:1 (b) Hop backwards (vigorously). (Alternatively: meanwhile crossing R leg in front of L)
9:2   Hop as before, kicking R foot directly in front of L foot.
10   Three stamping steps backwards, beginning with R foot (alternatively: 3 running steps backwards, beginning with R).
11-12   Hop one the other leg and run steps backwards.
13-16   Repeat from bar 9 (altogether 4 times dancing backwards).

Source: descriptions by Irene Ala-Jukuri, for Grand Finn Festival 2010 in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-01-06, rev. 2013-02-13.

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