Sovankylän sottiisi

Country: Finland. Choreographed/devised by Satu Niiranen
Type: set dance
Formation: 8 couples in open circle. If done with more or fewer than 8 couples, this becomes a mixer. Begin in two-hand hold with partner, hands at shoulder height, M facing LOD and W facing RLOD.
Steps: step-hop, schottis
Music: most schottis tunes with appropriate structure and length. A special tune has been composed for this dance by Matti Yli-Tepsa

    Dance progression
1-4 1 (a) Starting with ML/WR, dance 4 step-hops moving in LOD (1-2). Stretch arms out to 'butterfly-hold' and dance 4 step-hops turning one full turn CW.
5-8, 1-8   Repeat (1 a) 3 times.
9-12   (b) R-hand chain: take R in R with partner, M facing LOD, arms bent, hands at shoulder height, free fist on hip. Jump toward partner onto both feet, bumping R hips (9). Jump away from partner, onto both feet (&). Pass partner on the L, M moving in LOD, W in RLOD, to next person with 3 running steps (10-&). Repeat, L-in-L with next person, passing on the R (11-12).
13-16, 9-16   Repeat (1 b) 3 times.
17-20   (c) All face LOD, 'skater's' hold (arms crossed in front, WL in ML and WR in MR), and all starting with R foot.
All dance a schottis step to the R: ie R to side, close L, R to side, hop on R (17), followed by 2 step-hops forward in LOD (18). Repeat to L (19-20)
21-24, 17-24   Repeat (1 c) 3 times.
1-4 2 (a) Two-hand hold with partner, M facing LOD, turn full turn CW (ie W turning backwards, M forwards) 4 step-hops (1-2).
Dance 1 schottis step forward in LOD (3). Followed by 1 schottis step in RLOD (4).
Note: M. Vanhapelto taught this with the schottis steps forward and back first, followed by the turn, which is more natural for a schottis.
5-8, 1-8   Repeat (2 a) 3 times.
|:9-16:|   (b) Repeat (1 b) 4 times. All finish facing centre of circle, M with arms folded on chest, W with fists on hips.
|:17-24:|   (c) W dance 'box-step': one schottis step sideways to L (step L to L, close R, step L, hop L) and 2 step-hops forward into centre (17-18). Repeat beginning R to R and 2 step-hops backwards (19-20). Repeat 'box-step' twice (21-24 and 17-20). On (20:4) turn half-turn CW to face out of circle. Meanwhile, M dance first 2 bars (17-18) as above, then turning one-half turn CCW on two step-hops, moving out between partner and corner, and continue dancing CCW around the outside of the circle of women (19-24), 12 step-hops. Then loop CW and dance 8 step-hops back to partner (17-20). Finish facing partner who is now facing out of circle on (20:4).
M and W dance one full 'box-step', both starting to L, and passing back-to-back (ie dos-à-dos)(21-24). Finish facing partner, 2-hand hold at shoulder height, M facing out of circle, W facing in.
|:1-8:| 3     Beginning with ML/WR foot, dance sideways schottis step (side-close-side) in LOD (1).
M turns 1/2 turn CCW passing partner in front and over to other side (2), 2 step-hops. Ie M finishes facing into circle, W facing out.
Repeat, with opposite footwork and M turning CW, again moving in LOD (3-4).
Repeat to end of music, ie three times.

Source: taught by Martti Vanhapellto, in Vancouver, February 1984
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1984-02
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-01-15, rev. 2013-02-24.

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