Talonpojan tanssi

Country: Uusimaa, Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: any number of couples in a circle (best with 6 couples), all facing centre of circle, fists on hips. Couples are numbered CW around the set, from couple 1 with backs to music.
Steps: run, walk
Music: (CD) Tanhumusikkia track 13.

    Dance progression
1-2 1 (a) Couple 1 takes elbow hook with inside arms (MR/WL) and turn one full turn CCW (W forwards, M backwards) while moving into centre of circle. 4 walking steps.
3-4   and again turn one full turn CCW, both with L elbow hook, 4 walking steps.
5-6   (b) W1 stays in centre, while M1 dances with W2 with R-elbow hook, 4 walking steps turning CW,
7-8   and again dances with W1, with L-elbow hook, turning CCW.
1-8,|:1-8:|   M1 repeats (1 a) with each W in turn around the set.
|:1-8:|   Couple 2 repeats (1 a) with M2 dancing with each W in turn CW around the set, followed by couple 3, couple 4, etc., until all couples have danced part 1.
|:9-16:| 2 (a) Couples turn to face LOD, with a kerchief held in inside hands. All dance 16 slow running steps moving in LOD.
    All W:n move up to next M in LOD and repeat (2 a), until each W has danced with each M.
When W:n are back with own partner, dance one full turn with partner CW on the spot, 8 . W:n switch hands, to hold kerchief with R hand, and M finish in outside circle, W:n on the inside.
    (b) All M repeat (2 a), so that all M dance with each W in succession, but this time the circle is moving in RLOD.
Finish in sola, all M in one row to the R as seen from the front, facing second row of all W to the L. Couple 6 starts forming the sola, couple 5 passes through couple 6 to stand beside them, ditto couples 4, 3, etc.
17-20 3 (a) Couple 1 advances 4 steps (17-18), and swings R in R hands with partner back and forth 4 times (19-20).
17-20   M1 repeats with W2, while W1 repeats with M2.
17-20   Couples 1 and 2 repeat with own partner.
|:17-20:|   M1 repeats with W3, while W1 repeats with M3. Both couples then repeat with own partner.
|:17-20:|   M1 repeats with W4 and M2 with W3, while W1 repeats with M4 and W2 with M3. All 3 couples then repeat with own partner.
|:17-20:|   Continue until all couples have repeated with all other couples and returned to place.
|:17-20:|   (b) Repeat (3 a) but instead of swinging hands, turning 8 steps CW with own partner, then CCW with each person of opposite sex in turn.
|:21-28:| 4 (a) Led by M6, all couples in turn form a line holding hands, which M6 leads CW to spool around W1 who stays in place. Walking steps.
|:21-28:|   Led by M6, repeat, moving CCW to 'unwind' spool. Walking steps.
|:21-28:|   (b) Led by M6, repeat (4 a), but in reverse, so that dancers are turned outwards, ie with backs to centre. Ie starting CCW, and finally CW to 'unwind'. Walking steps.

Source: taught to L Ruus in Vancouver sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s by ?.
Printed source: Rausmaa, Pirkko-Liisa & Esko Tanhuvakka. Porvoo: W Söderström, 1977. pp. 132-136.
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1960s or 1970s.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-11-20, rev. 2014-02-02

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