Tuo tyttö oivallinen

Country: Savo, Finland
Type: song dance, progressive longways set
Formation: two rows of couples, M to the R as seen from the front, and W to the left, facing partner
Steps: twostep, walk
Music: (CD) Kutinaa kengissä tanhut yli 2000 (KTNLCD02) track 31.

    Dance progression
|:1-4:| (a) Couple 1 dances 8 two-steps on the spot, opposite partner, to the left and to the right.
|:5-8:| (b) Couple 1 takes shoulder-blade to shoulder-blade hold with partner, and dances 8 walking steps CW followed by 8 walking steps CCW. Finish with M1 in front of W2 and W1 in front of M2.
|:1-4:|   M1 with W2, and W1 with M2, repeat (a) above.
|:5-8:|   M1 with W2 and W1 with M2 repeat (b) above. Finish with M1 in front of W3, and W1 in front of M3.
    At the next repeat, couple 1 dances with couple 4 and couple 2 dances with couple 3, etc.
    Song text
    :Tuo tyttö oivallinen
sen minä muistan syntymäst':
:Levollista leikillistä
oli ennen elämäs':

Source: taught by Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät ry in Vancouver, April 1984.
Printed source: Rausmaa, Pirkko-Liisa & Esko Tanhuvakka. Porvoo: W Söderström, 1977. pp. 362-363.
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1984-04.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-03-15 rev. 2012-09-25

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