Country: Finland
Type: couple dance
Formation: open circle of couples, M facing LOD, W facing RLOD.
Steps: kick-step, polkka
Music: 'Nauhapolkka' (CD) Sueurasaaren Pelimannien Jalalla koreasti, track 1, or any Finnish polkka of appropriate length.

    Dance progression
1-8 1   On the up-notes, W turns to face LOD. Beginning with outside (ML/WR) foot, all dance 8 polkka steps moving in LOD, flirting over W's L shoulder, then R shoulder, etc.
1-8   Holding inside hands with partner, and again moving in LOD, dance 8 polkka steps, swinging arms and dancing face-to-face, then back-to-back, etc. Finish with M's back to centre of circle, W facing into circle in front of partner.
9-10 2 (a) Curtsey/bow (9), and clap own hands 3 times (10).
11-16   Shake R forefinger at partner 3 times (11), followed by L forefinger (12). Repeat (13-16).
9-16   (b) Hopping on L foot, kick forward R foot (9), then hopping on R foot, kick forward L foot (10). Kick R, L, R foot (11), and close feet (12). Repeat (13-16).
1-4 3 (a) Take R thumb-hold with partner, and turn 4 polkka steps CW on the spot.
5-8   Take L thumb-hold with partner, and turn 4 polkka steps CCW on the spot.
1-4   (b) Take two-hand hold with partner, and turn 4 polkka steps CW on the spot.
5-8   Still in two-hand hold with partner, turn 4 polkka steps CCW on the spot.
9-12 4 (a) Resume R thumb-hold with partner, and dance 4 polkka steps on the spot, turning body to L, then R, then L, and finally R.
13-14   Dance 2 polkka steps straight backwards away from partner, followed by
15-16   two walking steps forward, turning to face LOD and W ahead of and to R of M. Finish in courtesy hold.
9-10   (b) As a couple, rock forward on L foot, and back on R foot.
11-12   (b) Dance 2 polkka steps forward in LOD, beginning on L foot.
13-16   Repeat (4 b). On the last polkka step, W turns under joined L hands to face partner, facing in RLOD.
1-4 5 (a) Both dance 3 small polkka steps backwards, away from partner (1-3), followed by 2 claps (4).
5-8   All dance 4 polkka steps forward and past partner, passing on the R, and backing up on the last polkka step, to stand back to back, R shoulders touching, ie a little to the left of each other.
1   (b) All clap twice, M stamping simultaneously, and flirting over R shoulder.
2-5   All dance 3 polkka steps straight backwards, passing partner on R (2-4), followed by 2 claps (5).
6-6   All dance 3 polkka steps towards partner to finish in original start position.

Source: taught by Motora in Vancouver, 1978-10-26, and by Martti Vanhapelto in Vancouver 1988-03-25 to 26.
Description: Laine Ruus, Vancouver, 1978-10.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-02-09, rev. 2013-06-12.

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