Wrethalla pekarn

Country: Kimito, Finland
Type: couple dance or mixer
Formation: any number of couples in open circle, holding inside hands and facing in LOD. Mens' backs to centre.
Steps: polkka, stamp, walk
Music: (CDs) Finlands Svenska Folkdansring r.f. Årsprogram 1999-2000 track 24, Årsprogram 2005-2006 track 16, Årsprogram 2006-2007 track 6,

    Dance progression
1-8 (a) Couples dance 8 polkka steps, either on the spot, or moving in LOD, starting with outside foot (ML/WR) and turning towards each other, away from each other, etc, with each polkka step.
1-8   Couples take waltz hold, and dance 8 polkka steps, turning CW and moving in LOD. Finish in open circle, facing partner, M back to centre of circle, fists on hips.
9 (b) M bows, W curtseys.
10   Clap own hands 3 times.
11-12   Repeat curtsey/bows and claps.
9-10   Clap partner's R hand (9:1), clap own hands (9:2), clap partner's L hand (10:1), clap own hands (10:2).
11-12   Clap partner's R hand while both individualls turn CCW one full turn with 2 walking steps (11), followed by 3 stamps (L, R, L) facing partner (12).
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

This can be danced as a mixer by having W move to next M in LOD on 1st polkka step, while M dances 1st polkka step on the spot.

Printed source: Finlands Svenska Folkdansring r.f. Årsprogram 1999-2000. Helsingfors, Finlands Svenska Folkdansring r.f., [1999]. p. 87.
Note: originally published in Heikel, Yngvar Dansbeskrivningar number 685.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-11-15, rev. 2012-11-18

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