Chinese breakdown (the Danish version)

Country: Denmark
Type: set dance
Formation: square set of 4 couples. Couples 1 and 2 have backs to the music or face music, respectively. Couple 3 stands to R of couple 1, and couple 4 stands to R of couple 2.

                     W1 M1
                   M3     W4
                   W3     M4
                     M2 W2

Steps: buzz step, pas-de-bas, walk
Music: sheet music

|:1-8:| 1 (a) All form closed cirle and dance CW, 16 walking steps. Ditto CCW.
9-16   (b) All dance dos-à-dos CW around partner, 8 walking steps. Ditto with corner, 8 walking steps.
9-16   (c) All dance R-hand chain around set to return to place. 16 walking steps.
1-8 2 (a) Couple 1 turns to partner, and dances 4 pas-de-bas steps on the spot (1-4).i
Couple 1 takes waltz hold and dances 8 buzz steps on the spot, turning CW (5-8).
1-8   (b) Couple 1 advances to opposite couple (couple 2), 4 walking steps (1-2). Retires ditto (3-4).
Couple 1 again advances to opposite couple, and passes thru. W1 turns 1/2 turn CW to finish to L of M2, while M1 turns 1/2 turn CCW to finish to R of W2. 8 walking steps (5-8).

               M3             W4
               W3             M4
                  W1 M2 W2 M1
9-16   (c) The line of 4 (couples 1 and 2), holding inside hands, advances 4 walking steps and retires ditto (9-12).
W1 and M2, holding inside hands, passes through couple 3, while W2 and M1 pass thru couple 4. The travelling couples cross, and W1 turns CW to finish beside M3, while M2 turns CCW to finish beside W3. Likewise, W2 turns CW to finish beside M4, which M1 turns CCW to finish beside W4. 8 walking steps (13-16).
                   W1     M1
                   M3     W4
                   W3     M4
                   M2     W2
9-16   (d) Holding inside hands in both lines, all advance 4 walking steps, and retire ditto (9-12).
All couples take waltz hold with partner and return to place, turning CW with 8 buzz steps (13-16).
    The dance repeats 3 times, from (1 a), with each couple in turn as the dancing couple, proceeding CCW around the set. Ie, for the first repeat couple 3 is the dancing couple, followed by couple 2, and finally couple 4.

Source: see YouTube video.
Description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-04-19

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